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6 Mistakes You May Be Making in Spinning Class

cause dehydration | close up of cyclist holding water bottle

Spinning Mistake #5: You’re not drinking enough water

When it comes to spin class, taking small water breaks are always worth it. “If you’re not hydrated enough, the body cant properly do its job to cool itself down. In extreme cases, lightheadedness can occur if a rider is dehydrated,” says Lebovitz. First, make sure you’re hydrated before class by going to the bathroom.Lebovitz says to look at the colour of your urine: Too yellow, under hydrated; too clear, over how hydrated; and somewhere in the middle is just right.You’re going to feel thirsty during class, so drink when you do feel parched. You should be drinking somewhere between a half to a full litre of water. “Take more frequent, smaller sips of water to avoid stomach discomfort.”(Related: Should You be Drinking Chlorophyll Water?)

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