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Hand Exercise: An Important Part of Wellness with Dr. Terry Zachary

Could hand muscles be your connection to life vibrancy & longevity? Could imbalanced hand muscles negatively affect the fingers, thumbs, wrists, carpal tunnels, forearms & elbows? Dr. Eugene Zampieron ND and Dr. Terry Zachary discussed the often neglected regiment – hand exercise

About Dr. Terry Zachary

Dr. Terry Zachary is a former professional golfer and sports chiropractor from Langley, BC, Canada a suburb of Vancouver. He is the developer of the Handmaster Plus hand exercise system and is the author of the book ‘Great Hands, Great Life!’

Dr. Zachary regularly saw grip repetition injuries that were the result of ‘squeeze-only’ hand exercise or NO exercise in athletes, especially in professional golfers that he traveled with. He found that hand muscles become imbalanced due to the repetitive gripping within both golf and often in their grip training for golf.

Dr. Zachary soon realized that daily repetitive gripping was a root cause in most common finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm, and elbow imbalance conditions in all grip activities.

Dr. Zachary is now a world leader in grip training and education. He has redefined hand exercise to the general public, as well as to healthcare & fitness professionals, athletes, musicians, and grip-related workers, computer users, sports athletes, and hobbyists around the world.

Dr. Zachary promotes regular, full range of motion exercise to naturally strengthen and balance muscles and to maximize circulation and create healthy, functional joints and tissues.

Contact: [email protected]

Website: www.handmasterplus.com

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