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Our Favourite Cannabis Edibles, Available in Canada


The best cannabis edibles in Canada

When cannabis ediblesa category that includes drinks, gummies/soft chews, chocolate, baked goods, tea, dissolvable powder or strips and fizzy drinksstarted hitting Canadian shelves in 2019, most companies put their THC goodies out first. THC is psychoactive (it gets you high, sis!) but CBD, the other cannabinoid youve probably heard a lot about, doesnt. CBD has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties that make it a popular choice for people who are new to weed, or who just arent interested in getting buzzed.I get a lot of requests for recommendations on CBD edibles, so I made it official with this list. Edibles with absolutely zero THC are hard to find, so some of these technically have a touch of THC in them, but Ive noted which ones do, and I promise its such a tiny amount that its not noticeable.Ive linked to some of the big provincial retailers for easy online shopping, but you can find these products at your local dispensary, too.(Related:CBD Drinks Are Everywhere Will They Help Me Relax?)

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