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5 Stylish Fanny Packs that Can Help Lessen Back Pain and Improve Posture


The best fanny packs in Canada

Rumours of the fanny packs demise have been greatly exaggerated. The convenient pouch, often fastened around the hips or, more recently, worn diagonally across the torso, is one of the oldest fashion accessories . And the fanny pack has gone in and out of fashion, a practical bag will always be in style.Not only are fanny packs a great hands-free option for carrying your essentials, but these tried-and-true bags may also be better for your back. Carrying a heavy shoulder bag or purse, where weight is disproportionately distributed onto one side of the body, has been associated with increased back, neck and shoulder pain. Fanny packs offer a helpful alternative. When worn around your hips, fanny packs take the load off your spine and shoulders and improve posture. Plus, thanks to the fanny packs compact size, youre forced to take only the essentials (phone, wallet, keys, mask). So, even if youre wearing a fanny pack as a cross-body bag, youre most likely still travelling lighter than if you were carrying a purse or tote bag, taking that weight off your shoulders and back.Below are five fanny packs available in Canada that we love.(Related:9 Comfortable Wireless Bras Available in Canada )

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