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5 of the Best Exercise Bikes for Seniors

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The Benefits of an Exercise Bike for Seniors

To no ones surprise, rain, snow and dropping temperatures cause a drop in people’s activity levels. From falling ice to dangerously slippery sidewalks, the winter months can pose several barriers to outdoor exercise, especially for older adults (age 60 and over). So, on the cusp of the Canadian winter, many of us are looking for safe and effective ways to exercise indoors.Staying active throughout the colder months is essential for our healthit can reduce the risk of heart disease, control weight, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and improve mental health. While nature walks and treks to the gym may be less enticing in frosty temps, stationary bikes can bea convenient way to stay active indoorsparticularly for seniors.Its good for lower body strength and cardiovascular fitness, says Dee Simpson , a 78-year-old fitness trainer and avid cyclist. Indoor cycling can improve muscle strength, increase gait ability, and even boost brain and memory functioning.Because cycling is a non-weight-bearing activity, it doesnt put as much stress on hips, knees and ankles as jogging or running, says Simpson. This also makes cycling a good option for older people who have joint issues, says Dorothy Zammit Martaus, a physiotherapist at Torontos University Health Network who treats seniors. Furthermore, cycling can be beneficial to those who need help with certain forms of recovery, such as assisting with rehabilitation after a stroke .To help get you started, find out what the experts recommend when it comes to using an exercise bike to which bikes are best for seniors.(Related: 4 Stretches to Improve Range of Motion as You Age )

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