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The Unruly Mystics – Saint Hildegard and Beyond – With Filmmaker Michael Conti

Please take a listen to a lively discussion with the pilgrim-filmmaker, Michael M. Conti, about his first film: The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard . His film series, The Unruly Mystics, “explore the wellness and spiritual connection to creativity, nature and science.”

About Michael Conti

Michael M. Conti—Pilgrim-filmmaker, director-writer–found personal direction in Hildegard’s example and dedicated a film to the magistra’s legacy and her impact on numerous people he interviewed—healers, performers, artists, and academics.

The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard premiered in Germany, was screened by invitation at Harvard University, and delighted audiences worldwide. In 2019, he travelled and filmed along the Hildegard Way in Germany to connect with Hildegardland more deeply. Twice now during the pandemic, Michael has shared that experience as part of a virtual pilgrimage in honor of Saint Hildegard Feast Day on September 17.

Michael has over 25 years of experience in video production and creative direction. As a director, editor, producer, and consultant, Michael’s successful track record, beginning in Hollywood, is representative of his work through Crazy Wisdom Films . Michael resides in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado.

About the Movie

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Discover why Saint Hildegard is the patron saint of creativity, and how her influence resonates today. The 12th-century abbess was a Christian mystic and visionary. She was also a musical composer, writer, and healer that created natural remedies widely used in Europe today.

Saint Hildegard is venerated worldwide by theologians, artists, musicians, medical practitioners, and educators. This film is a celebration of one woman’s legacy and a reminder that we should listen, seek calmness, and heed the calling of our souls.



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