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Passion Fruit Weed Strain

Passion Fruit Weed Strain

This lovely fruity strain gets its name from a tropical fruit that makes people drool. 

There are many other tropical fruit strains, such as Mendo Mango and Mango Tango; however, few compare to this delicious strain. 

Passion Fruit is a potent strain that should not be taken for granted due to its potency. 

This strain packs a powerful tropical punch. This article will provide all the information you need about this famous and delicious strain.

Passion fruit weed strain

Passion Fruit Weed Strain: Genetics

Indica or Sativa?

Passion Fruit is a 70/30 hybrid of Grapefruit & Burmese Kush. This strain is very energizing and gives users an intense boost of creativity. 

After one hit, you should begin to feel your creative juices flowing.

One of its parent strains: Burmese Kush, is a hybrid with the famous OG Kush. While the THC percentage is only around 18%, the pungent flavor of grapefruit and berries makes it a popular strain.

On the other hand, Grapefruit, the other parent strain can be up to 25% THC. It is typically Sativa-dominant.

Grapefruit is known for its potent medicinal properties. Additionally, medical patients often use it for this reason. 

Furthermore, Passion Fruit is an excellent strain for wake and baking. It gives you a boost of energy that will keep you going throughout the day. Opt for a wake and bake sesh with Passion Fruit instead of a cup of coffee that may give you the jitters. 

Obviously, not all strains are good for waking and baking. Passion Fruit happens to be a good strain for a morning sesh because it gives you a nice boost of energy that will put you into a creative flow state throughout the day.

passion fruit weed strain

Passion Fruit Weed Strain: Yields

Passion Fruit is not the right strain to grow if you want huge yields. While it can be grown indoors and outdoors, it does not produce the highest yields.

When it comes to indoor growing, you can expect to harvest around a half ounce per square foot.

Outdoors, you can expect around 6 ounces per plant. This is a pretty small harvest considering some plants can yield several ounces and even pounds. 

As always, make sure you rely on quality genetics and seeds. In addition, if you are looking to yield a large harvest, be sure to do your research to find strains that produce lots of buds. Some growers expect their harvests to last them several months to a year, while others grow year-round, so a small harvest isn’t a big deal.

However, it is worth growing this strain due to its super-high potency and fragrant buds.

Passion Fruit Weed Strain: Flowering Phase

The flowering phase for Passion Fruit is 6-7 weeks. This short flowering period is responsible for the small yields.

The visuals of this strain show off tones of deep purple with bright orange hairs.

Passion Fruit THC Content 

The THC content of this strain usually falls between 17% – 25%. This puts this strain on the higher end when it comes to potency. Moreover, beginners should be wary as this strain is pretty potent.

Passion Fruit Weed Strain

Passion Fruit Weed Strain: Aroma & Taste

Passion Fruit tastes like citrus, cream, and fruit. The aroma is earthy, citrusy, and a little bit herbal. The three dominant terpenes are Sabinene Caryophyllene and Phellandrene.

Sabinene is a type of terpene that has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Additionally, Ocimene and Myrcene often accompany this terpene. 

Caryophyllene gives off a robust and spicy taste that you’ll instantly recognize. It is a powerful and healing terpene that provides potent pain relief. Read more about it here: Cannabis and Terpenes: Caryophyllene

Blue Dream is an example of a strain that contains this terpene. 

Phellandrene tastes like citrus, mint, and wood, making it fairly popular. In addition, people use this terpene worldwide to soothe upset stomachs. 

Passion Fruit Weed Strain: Medical Uses

Medical cannabis has helped many people with various health problems. Cannabinoids have remarkable effects on the body’s cells to help maintain homeostasis. The following conditions can be treated with passion fruit:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Stress

The strain has a low CBD content, making it less effective for serious conditions such as epilepsy. However, the terpene and cannabinoid profiles are beneficial for several health conditions. 

Passion fruit weed

Passion Fruit Weed Strain: Closing Thoughts

Passion Fruit is a great strain to invest in because of its flavor and potency. It can be grown without experience, but making mistakes could result in a loss of your harvest. Additionally, be sure to get the help you need during the growing process to avoid harvest loss.

Passion Fruit is yet another strain that would amaze anyone a decade ago. What strain are you blown away by?

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