Men’s Role In Fertility with Ayla Barmmer MS RDN LDN

Today, we will discuss the importance, the myth, and the truth about Men’s Role in Fertility with Ayla Barmmer MS RDN LDN

About Ayla Barmmer

Ayla Barmmer is a registered dietitian and Functional Medicine Practitioner, who earned degrees at the University of Connecticut and Boston University . In addition she has studied clinical nutrition, functional medicine, women’s health, herbal medicine, and holistic and integrative therapies. Barmmer is founder of FullWell , and has successfully led an integrative and functional nutrition practice, which specializes in health and infertility and has helped thousands of individuals seeking supportive, individualized care for their wellness and nutritional concerns.

Facebook: fullwellfertility
Instagram:@aylabarmmer_rd @fullwellfertility

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